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A Step-By-Step Guide For Generating A Steady Profit By Self-Publishing Books
Whether you are an aspiring author who's just mulling over the idea of publishing a book, or you have already published something yourself – you are probably aware of how difficult the process of publishing your first book is.

Not to mention how complicated it might seem to actually earn some serious profit from it.

Back in the day, once you had finished writing your manuscript, you would have to persuade a publisher just to even have a look at your work, let alone publish it.

On the other hand..
Publishing A Book On Your Own Today Is As Easy As It Gets - If You Know How
Now, making money from it is an entirely different story…

And that's why I decided to put together a comprehensive video course, that teaches you exactly how to navigate the intricate world of ePublishing, and how to profitably reach thousands of buyers, month in, month out.

Basically, it's 5 years of my experience in self-publishing contained in 4 extensive modules, but I'll get to that in a bit.
At Last! A Comprehensive, Reasonably Priced Training For All Authors Who Want To Self Publish!
What I really wanted to do is gather all the information that a new author needed to know to get their books listed on Amazon and the other key outlets, without all of the scratching around and researching that I had to do when I was self-publishing my own books.

Now, I'm not expecting you to instantly believe that I'm offering some magical solution that's going to help you make millions. Let me tell you something
There Are No Magical Solutions - Only Things That Simply Work
And Enable You To Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession
And the only way you can know whether or not this option is going to work for you is if you take a couple of minutes to finish reading this letter, seeing all of the opportunities and really deciding for yourself.

Trust me, I had a lot going on in my life, as I'm sure you do too, and the journey of becoming an expert of ePublishing and monetizing it, took a while. In fact, I think that the best way for you to understand where I come from and why I think this is an awesome opportunity for you, is if you have heard my own story.
Here's How I Built A Recurring Passive Income
By Creating And Promoting Self-Published Books
My name is Gerry Murphy, and I'd like to help you understand that nothing can change
for the better, unless you take inspired action.

I've been working in the I.T. consulting area for more than 20 years now, but
for quite some time I've been feeling the urge to get out of the rat race
and actually do something on my own.

You could say I've been searching for my "true calling" pretty much
my entire life. For instance, before I got into IT I had run
other businesses, such as market stalls, bags and accessories
manufacturing, that kind of thing.

I know it might sound a bit weird, manufacturing, then IT, then
online business involving publishing books – but, all those things
interested me at one point of my life, and I can only say that I would
just be a bit happier if I had allowed myself to pursue my passion for
books and ePublishing earlier.

Actually, when you do a variety of jobs, very different ones – you come to a
realization that they are actually all alike up to some point. No matter how much you
know about a particular subject, it's always only a part of the picture.
IT knowledge definitely helped me start publishing books online, but those skills certainly weren't the only thing that setting up a business of that sort needed. Not even nearly enough…

My first struggles and obstacles were pretty frustrating – I knew what I wanted, I knew how to setup a website in a few minutes, but I didn't know what to do with it. I knew how to setup a blog, but I wasn't sure what to write about. I felt like I had nothing to say.

And then, 5 years ago to be exact, a friend of mine introduced me to the concept and idea of making money by publishing books, explaining that it was the "next big thing." Needless to say, he pushed a button in my brain that pushed me to pursue this idea further and research it more.
Discover Powerful ePublishing Methods
Tested And Proven Over 5 Years of Experience
I studied how to hold successful book promotions online, I dove into the world of giveaways and the "power" they have in this industry and I learnt how to advertise and "sell" myself on Facebook. Oh, and those blogs I had problems with? Well, I definitely learnt a thing or two about hiring amazingly talented outsourcers for content and about driving traffic to my blogs.

It took a while, I'll tell you that. But throughout these 5 years of self-publishing books, I've definitely both learnt how to help myself and help others.

I've monetized hundreds of books, I've inspired a lot of people and most of all, I've built a life that I desired. I didn't have to pretend to be someone I wasn't, I didn't have to settle for some mediocre way of life that didn't truly fulfill me.

And sure, I spent a considerable amount of time working on my ePublishing methods and perfecting my knowledge and business, especially when it came to promoting books, since that isn't exactly a piece of cake. But I've invested myself in the process, and in the end - it was all worth it.
And this is really what I'm offering here with my KDP Profits course - the option of choosing a life for yourself, creating your own opportunities by doing something you're passionate about and becoming an independent, successful and dare I say, fierce, entrepreneur.

Sure, you could take the high road and spend a year learning about press release techniques, like I had to, but what I'm offering today is a guide that's not only going to speed up this process, but that's also going to give you legitimate, powerful methods of becoming the best publisher out there.

And KDP Profits has all of this covered.

Trust me, everything you need to start earning a serious profit and doing what you love for a living, is just to learn exactly what to do.

This is why I'm offering you…
KDP Profits
A course made out of step-by-step directions you can follow to start your very own ePublishing business, a well as my own powerful methods, secrets, tips and all of the strategies I've been using to monetize books for the past 5 years.
Here's exactly what you'll learn:
  • How to create a publishing business which will run smoothly, without putting much effort in it
  • How to get into the KDP Select program and reach a huge paying audience
  • My advanced book promotion techniques that will get you guaranteed interest and sales
  • How to use Amazon's own advertising system cheaply and effectively to drive thousands of sales
  • How to hire a freelancer who will write the books you will be publishing and profiting from
All you need to do is click on the button below to get instant
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Only $37
How Much Is All Of This Going To Cost You?
If you've had previous experiences with courses costing up to $300, which you probably have, you're in for a surprise.

I want to share my knowledge with everyone who is passionate about publishing books on their own and turning it into a profitable, thriving and scalable online business, and I want to enable as many people as possible to get to where I am now while investing less than half the effort I have.
Sure, you might be reluctant to believe that, but hey, I've been doing exactly this for years now, both online and offline.

You could also ask me why I'm not offering it for free if I'm so "into helping people."

But the reason is really simple – if I were to offer it for free, people wouldn't take my course as seriously as they would when it has a price tag, even if the price was minimal.

This is the exact reason why I decided to sell my course at the price of $37, which is enough to make it available for everyone out there.

Look, this is your chance to get into the ePublishing industry the right way, without having to set aside a major budget to learn how - it's your choice whether you're done living in the status

60 Day Guarantee - You Have Nothing To Lose
Now, I know that many people simply can't afford to risk their money – not even if it's a small sum.

Therefore I'm not going to ask you to do that. If you are not happy with my course, for any reason, you can have your money back within 60 days.

No regrets, no risk, I don't want anything from you, except to carefully consider what I'm offering before choosing to miss out on this opportunity.

Again, if you don't find this course useful for any reason, you will have the money you invested back – no questions asked.
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Only $37
That's all I have for you now. Please, remember that there are no easy, over-night solutions and that everything that works, requires some effort in the beginning. But this is exactly what makes this course so awesome, the fact that it will help you get to your destination a lot faster, riding on the experience and knowledge of someone who has not only walked a mile in your shoes, but has also come out an expert, an entrepreneur and a fulfilled person, which is what I truly wish for you.

- Gerry Murphy
P.S. I hope that sometime soon, when you've made it with this business, you'll remember to share your success story with me. I would really appreciate knowing about it, since the whole point of doing this is to inspire others to enjoy life, just like I am enjoying it now.